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Securities Listed and Traded

Date this page last updated:  September 11, 2017

Shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange - Symbol "CAL"

Shares listed on the NYSE American - Symbol "CMCL"

Depositary interests in the shares admitted to trading on AIM of the London Stock Exchange plc - Symbol "CMCL" 

Authorised Share Capital: Unlimited

Shares, Warrants and Options Issued

Common Shares: 10,558,073

Warrants: Nil

Options: 73,080



Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc ("Caledonia") is incorporated in Jersey. The rights of the shareholders of Caledonia may be different in certain respects from the rights of shareholders of a company incorporated in the United Kingdom or other jurisdictions.  It should be noted that significant shareholders (which under the AIM Rules are any persons with holdings of 3% or more of Caledonia’s shares) are required to notify their holdings in the Company as is similarly required under the United Kingdom’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules. Under the securities laws in Canada, an “insider” of Caledonia (which would include a shareholder who beneficially owns, controls or has direction over more than 10% of Caledonia’s common shares) is required to report their holdings in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Caledonia has 10,558,073 common shares issued. The Directors and management own 215,639 common shares representing 2.04% of Caledonia’s issued capital as of 11 September, 2017.

Alan Gray, a South African fund manager, holds through two of its funds a total of 2,090,860 depositary interests in common shares representing 19.80% of Caledonia’s issued capital.  The holdings are split as to 1,282,300 depositary interests in common shares (which represents 12.15% of the shares in issue) held by Allan Gray Africa ex-SA Equity Fund Limited and 808,560 depositary interests in common shares (which represents 7.66% of the shares in issue) held by Allan Gray Africa Equity Fund Limited.

21.97% of Caledonia's securities are held "not in public hands" in terms of the AIM Rules.

Caledonia has ascertained that as at 25 August, 2017 VP Bank AG holds an interest in 938,773 common shares of the Company (which represents 8.89% of the shares in issue) as an intermediary on behalf of Sales Promotion Services S.A.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of Caledonia’s issued shares.

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