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Cautionary Note to U.S. Investors - the United States Securities and Exchange Commission permits U.S. mining companies, in their filings with the SEC, to disclose only those mineral deposits that a company can economically and legally extract or produce. Caledonia uses certain terms in this website - and in some cases press releases - such as "measured", "indicated", and "inferred" "resources", which the SEC guidelines generally prohibit U.S. registered companies from including in their filings with the SEC. U.S. Investors are urged to consider closely the disclosure in our Form 20-F which may be secured from Caledonia, or on the SEC website at: 



14-11-2018   Results for the Quarter ended 30 September 2018

06-11-2018   Update on increase of shareholding in Blanket Mine to 64 per cent

06-11-2018   Update on the Monetary Environment in Zimbabwe

11-10-2018   Q3 2018 Production update and earnings downgrade

02-10-2018   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share

20-09-2018   Resource Upgrade at the Blanket Mine, Zimbabwe

24-08-2018   Caledonia increases its shareholding in Blanket Mine to 64 per cent

10-08-2018   Purchases of Securities by Directors

10-08-2018   Purchases of Securities by Directors

09-08-2018   Results for the Quarter ended 30 June 2018

12-07-2018   Accident at Blanket Mine

12-07-2018   Q2 2018 Production Update

03-07-2018   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share

27-06-2018   Results of Annual General Meeting

31-05-2018   Notice of Posting of AGM Materials

14-05-2018   Results for the Quarter ended 31 March 2018

09-04-2018   Quarterly Production Update

04-04-2018   Increase to Zimbabwean Export Credit Incentive

03-04-2018   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share

22-03-2018   Notification of relevant change to significant shareholder

21-03-2018   Results for the Fourth Quarter and Year ended December 31, 2017

26-02-2018   Accident at Blanket Mine

15-01-2018   Record quarterly and annual gold production at Blanket Mine

02-01-2018   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share



01-12-2017   Exercise of share options

13-11-2017   Results for the Quarter and Nine Months to September 30, 2017

13-11-2017   Notification of further information relating to significant shareholder

10-11-2017   Extension of Central Shaft Project

02-11-2017   Resource Update - Sustained Resource Growth at the Blanket Mine

06-10-2017   Exercise of share options

05-10-2017   Record Gold Production in Q3 2017

03-10-2017   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share

11-09-2017   Exercise of share options

08-09-2017   Notification of significant shareholder

06-09-2017   Correction to notification of relevant change to significant shareholder

05-09-2017   Notification of relevant change to significant shareholder

23-08-2017   Exercise of share options

14-08-2017   Results for the Second Quarter and First Half of 2017

14-08-2017   Retirement of non-executive director

24-07-2017   Caledonia’s shares to commence trading on the NYSE American (formerly the NYSE MKT)

20-07-2017   Q2 2017 Production Update

10-07-2017   Accident at Blanket Mine

07-07-2017   Share Consolidation Update

04-07-2017   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share

30-06-2017   Final Results of Share Consolidation

27-06-2017   Temporary change of trading symbol on the OTCQX in the US

27-06-2017   Results of Share Consolidation

19-06-2017   Results of Annual General Meeting and Notice of Share Consolidation

31-05-2017   Purchase of Securities by a Director

30-05-2017   Purchase of Shares by a Director

26-05-2017   Purchase of Shares by a Director

24-05-2017   Notification of holding in the Company

24-05-2017   Notice of Posting of AGM Materials And Proposed Listing on the NYSE MKT LLC

15-05-2017   Mining resumes at Eroica Ore Body

15-05-2017   Accident at the Blanket Mine

11-05-2017   Results for the First Quarter of 2017

09-05-2017   Revised Production and Earnings Guidance for 2017

20-04-2017   Q1 2017 Production Update

04-04-2017   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 1.375 cents per share

21-03-2017   Results for the Fourth Quarter and Year ended December 31, 2016

24-02-2017   Change of registered address

11-01-2017   Record gold production from the Blanket Gold Mine

04-01-2017   Notification of holdings in the company

03-01-2017   Caledonia declares quarterly dividend of 1.375 cents per share



14-12-2016   Exercise of share options

09-12-2016   Notification of holdings in the company

02-12-2016   Purchase of Shares by a PDMR

01-12-2016   Leigh Wilson Share Purchase November 2016

01-12-2016   Purchase of Shares by a director of the company

01-12-2016   Confirmation of Arrangements for the Sale of Gold

11-30-2016   Sale of Shares by an officer of the company

11-28-2016   Exercise of share options

11-16-2016   Exercise of share options

11-14-2016   Results for the Third Quarter of 2016

11-02-2016   Revised 2016 Earnings Guidance

10-14-2016   Exercise of share options - Leigh Wilson

10-05-2016   Q3 2016 Production Update & New Ball Mill Commissioning

10-04-2016   Caledonia declares its twelfth quarterly dividend

10-03-2016   Exercise of share options

08-11-2016   Results for the Second Quarter and First Half of 2016

07-28-2016   Resource Update at the Blanket Mine, Zimbabwe

07-26-2016   Board and Management Appointments

07-11-2016   Q2 2016 Production Update

07-05-2016   Caledonia declares an increased quarterly dividend

05-20-2016   Results of 2016 Annual Shareholder Meeting

05-17-2016   Purchase of Shares by Leigh Wilson

05-16-2016   Sale of Caledonia shares by the manager of a discretionary fund of which Leigh Wilson is a beneficiary

05-16-2016   Sale of Zimbabwe Government Treasury Bills by Blanket Mine

05-12-2016   Results for First Quarter of 2016

04-12-2016   Resignation of David Henderson as an Independent Director

04-07-2016   Q1 2016 Production Update

04-07-2106   Excercise of Share Options - Jim Johnstone

04-05-2016   Caledonia Declares Tenth Quarterly Dividend

03-30-2016   Exercise of Share Options - Steve Curtis

03-30-2016   Share Purchase - John Kelly

03-29-2016   Share Purchase - John Kelly

03-24-2016   Long Term Incentive Award

03-21-2016   Confirmation of re-domicile to Jersey, Channel Islands

03-21-2016   Results for Fourth Quarter and Year ended December 31, 2015

02-18-2106   Result of the Special Shareholder Meeting

02-10-2016   Caledonia enters into 6-month gold price hedge

01-25-2016   Share Purchase - John Kelly 

01-22-2016   Share Purchase - John Kelly

01-21-2016   Share Purchase - James Johnstone

01-21-2016   Proposed Re-domicile: Notification of Posting

01-18-2016   Share Purchase - David Henderson

01-12-2016   Long Term Incentive Awards

01-12-2016   Exercise of Share Options - Steve Curtis

01-08-2016   Grant of Share Options - David Henderson

01-06-2016   2015 Production Update and 2016 Production Guidance

01-05-2016   Caledonia Declares Ninth Quarterly Dividend and Revised US Dollar-denominated Dividend policy


12-21-2015   Proposed Re-domicile from Canada to Jersey

12-16-2915   Adoption of US Dollar-Denominated Reporting

12-15-2015   Response to Share Price Decline in North American Trading

12-03-2015   Resource Update

12-11-2015   Q3 2015 Results

01-12-2015   Q3 2015 Production Update

10-06-2015   Caledonia Declares Eighth Quaterly Dividend

09-21-2015   Update on Implementation of the Revised Investment Plan

08-13-2015   Q2 2015 Results

08-11-2015   Board Appointments

07-17-2015   Re-filing of Technical Report with revised PEA

07-07-2015   Caledonia Declares Seventh Quarterly Dividend

07-06-2015   Q2 2015 Production Update

06-18-2015   Update on Implementation of the Revised Investment Plan

05-19-2015   Resource Update

05-13-2015   Q1 2015 Results

05-11-2015   Chairman's Statement

05-08-2015   Change of Nomad

05-01-2015   Accident at Blanket Mine

05-01-2015   Major Shareholder Notification

04-24-2015   Notice of AGM

03-09-2015   Q1 2015 Production and Sales

03-07-2015   Caledonia Declares Sixth Quarterly Dividend

02-05-2015   Fidelity Amend their Pricing and Payment terms for Gold Producers

01-26-2015   Leigh Wilson - Share Purchase

01-06-2015   Dividend Jan 2015 FINAL.pdf



12-18-2014   Caledonia - ML Dealing

12-12-2014   Interview - Caledonia Minin's New CEO Steve Curtis on the IRR of 267% and the Planned Production Increase

12-08-2014   Retirement of Mr Hayden

12-02-2014   43-101 and PEA December 2014_1 Dec

12-01-2014   Interview with Commodity TV, Munich, Germany

11-18-2014   Management Change

11-13-2014   Q3 2014 Results

10-31-2014   Revised Investment Plan and Production Projections (2015 to 2021)

10-14-2014   Q3 2014 Production and Trading Update

10-07-2014   Caledonia Declares Fourth Quarterly Dividend

08-12-2014   Results for the Second Quarter and First Half Year of 2014

08-08-2014   Caledonia Re-files the Q1 2014 Financial Statements and MD&A

07-14-2014   Q2 2014 Production Update and Revised 2014 Guidance

07-08-2014   Caledonia Declares Third Quarterly Dividend 

05-21-2014   Election of Directors and Results of the Annual Special Meeting 

05-14-2014   Q1 2014 Results

05-06-2014   Major Shareholder Notification

04-25-2014   Notification of Annual General Meeting

04-08-2014   Caledonia Declares Second Quarterly Dividend

04-07-2014   Q1 2014 Production Update

03-31-2014   Fourth Quarter and 2013 Results

03-21-2014   Confirmation of Publication Date for Q4 and 2013 Results and Dial-In Details for Management Conference Calls

01-29-2014   Caledonia confirms receipt of the full sales proceeds from Fidelity Printers and Refiners

01-28-2014   New Marketing Arrangements for Gold Exports

01-09-2014   2013 Production Update and 2014 Production Outlook

01-07-2014   Caledonia Declares First Quarterly Dividend


12-16-2013   Correction to the Q3 2013 Results

12-05-2013   Change of Transfer Agent and Shareholder Rights Plan

11-25-2013   Caledonia Announces Dividend Policy

11-13-2013   Q3 2013 Results

11-07-2013   Confirmation of Release Date for Q3 2013 Results

10-08-2013   Blanket Mine Third Quarter 2013 Production Update

08-22-2013   Appointment of Mr Holtzhausen as a Non-Executive Director

08-21-2013   Retirement of Carl Jonsson as a Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary

08-20-2013   Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

08-20-2013   Retirement of Robert W Babensee as a Non-Executive Director

08-13-2013   Q2 and First Half Year 2013 Results and Confirmation of Management Conference Call

08-12-2013   Revised Dial-in Details for Management Conference Calls on August 13, 2013

08-06-2013   Q2 results to be released on or before August 13, 2013; dial-in details for management conference call

08-01-2013   Notification of Change in Registered Office Address

07-02-2013   Blanket Mine Second Quarter 2013 Production Update

05-31-2013   Retirement of Chairman; Results of Annual General Meeting

05-30-2013   Director's Share Dealing

05-13-2013   Q1 2013 Results and Confirmation of Annual General Meeting Date

04-18-2013   Change of Adviser

04-17-2013   Restoration of Trading on AIM

04-16-2013   Correction Announcement - Exercise of Options

04-16-2013   Temporary Suspension of Listing

04-15-2013   Retirement of Chris Harvey from the Board

04-12-2013   Exercise of Options

04-10-2013   Blanket Mine First Quarter 2013 Production Update

04-04-2013   Announcement of 2012 Dividend

03-28-2013   Fourth Quarter and 2012 Annual Results; 2012 Gold Production Up 27% to 45,564oz with Cash Costs at US571/oz

03-14-2013   Implementation of Share Consolidation

01-25-2013   Shareholders Approve the Reduction in Stated Capital and Share Consolidation and Directors Declare Dividend

01-23-2013   Exercise of Options

01-14-2013   Blanket Mine Fourth Quarter 2012 Production Update

01-09-2013   Strategy Update: Blanket Mine Expects To Increase Gold Production By 90%

01-04-2013   Exercise of Options

01-03-2013   Confirms Distribution of Meeting Materials to Shareholders


12-20-2012   Exercise of Options

12-20-2012   AIM Application

11-21-2012   Exercise of Options

11-19-2012   Caledonia Mining Proposes Initial Dividend, Stated Capital Reduction, and a Share Consolidation

11-14-2012   Caledonia Mining Reports Record High Q3 2012 Production and Gross Profits

10-11-2012   Caledonia Mining Announces the Completion of the Blanket Mine Indigenisation Transactions

10-09-2012   Blanket Mine Third Quarter Production Update

09-24-2012   Status of the Nama Large Scale Mining Licences in Zambia

09-13-2012   Grant of Options

08-14-2012   Caledonia Mining Reports Second Quarter 2012 Operating and Financial Results and Notification of Management Conference Call

08-09-2012   Nama Base Metal Project, Zambia: Project Update

06-21-2012   Zimbabwe Indigenisation update: Caledonia Concludes Sale Agreement with National Indigenisation and Economic

                        Empowerment Fund and Receives Indigenisation Compliance Certificate

05-29-2012   Caledonia Mining Appoints New Directors

05-24-2012   Indigenisation update: Transfer of a further 20% of Blanket Mine to Indigenous parties

05-23-2012   Exercise of Options and Directors' Dealings

05-15-2012   Caledonia Mining Appoints New Director

05-10-2012   Caledonia Mining First Quarter 2012 Operating and Financial Results

04-19-2012   Exercise of Options and Directors' Dealings

04-05-2012   Notice of Posting of Annual Financial Statements

03-30-2012   Caledonia Mining 2011 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results and Notification of Management Conference Call

03-26-2012   Adviser Change of Name

03-12-2012   Nama Copper/Cobalt Exploration Project, Zambia: Summary of Results of the 2011 Exploration Programme

                         and Outline of the 2012 Exploration Programme

02-20-2012   Caledonia signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Zimbabwe relating to the Indigenisation of the Blanket Mine

02-01-2012   Issue of Equity and Director’s Dealing

01-24-2012   Blanket Production Update and 2012 Outlook


12-13-2011   Caledonia remains committed to Zimbabwean Indigenisation negotiations

11-14-2011   Major Shareholder Notification

11-10-2011   Caledonia Mining 2011 Third Quarter Results

10-27-2011   Caledonia’s Blanket Mine wins Prestigious Safety Awards

10-17-2011   Caledonia Mining moves to the OTCQX

09-08-2011   Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe achieves record daily production.

08-23-2011   Update on Indigenisation at the Blanket Mine in Zimbabwe.

08-19-2011   Update on Indigenisation at the Blanket Mine in Zimbabwe.

08-12-2011   Caledonia Mining 2011 Second Quarter and Half Year Results and Management Conference Call

07-04-2011   Caledonia files new NI 43-101 Report on Blanket Mine

06-29-2011   Notice of Posting of Annual Financial Statements

05-30-2011   Blanket Mine’s 10 MVA Standby Generating Installation commissioned and refiling of first quarter financial

                   statements to provide additional IFRS information.

05-18-2011   Caledonia Mining First Quarter 2011 Results

03-31-2011   Caledonia Mining 2010 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results and Management Conference Call

02-01-2011   Grant of Incentive Options

01-27-2011   Change of Adviser

01-24-2011   January 2011 Shareholder Update


12-10-2010   Resignation of Chairman

11-10-2010   Caledonia Mining Announces Third Quarter 2010 Results

10-21-2010   Caledonia Mining Announces the Commissioning of the No. 4 Shaft Project

08-26-2010   Caledonia Mining Announces the Completion of the Underground Installations on the No. 4 Shaft Project

08-18-2010   Caledonia Option Exercise Prices Reduction Becomes Effective

08-12-2010   Caledonia Mining 2010 Second Quarter and Half Year Results and Management Conference Call

06-14-2010   Caledonia Commissions the First Standby Generator at Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe

05-14-2010   Caledonia Mining First Quarter 2010 Results

05-06-2010   Caledonia Installing a Standby Generator at Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe

03-31-2010   Caledonia Mining 2009 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results and Management Conference Call

02-12-2010   Government of Zimbabwe sets out Regulations for Indigenisation

01-29-2010   Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Defaults on Bond Repayment to Caledonia Mining and update on timeline for completion of No.4 Shaft Expansion


12-21-2009   Caledonia Mining Secures a Renewed Zimbabwe Gold Dealership License

11-12-2009   Caledonia Mining Announces Third Quarter 2009 Results

11-09-2009   Blanket Mine Awarded Exporter of the Year

09-04-2009   Caledonia reduces exercise price of outstanding options

08-11-2009   Caledonia Mining 2009 Second Quarter and Half Year Results and Management Conference Call

07-01-2009   Mitsubishi Corporation Withdraws From Proposed Participation in the Rooipoort and Mapochsgronde Platinum Projects in South Africa

05-28-2009   Report on 2009 Annual General Meeting and Shareholder Update

05-18-2009   Caledonia Mining First Quarter 2009 Results

05-06-2009   Blanket Mine Commences Production and Export of Gold

04-03-2009   Caledonia Mining announces the Imminent Resumption of Gold Mining at the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe

04-02-2009   Caledonia’s Q4 and Annual Results 2008 Conference Call

04-01-2009   Caledonia Mining announces its Fourth Quarter and 2008 Annual Results

04-01-2009   Caledonia Mining Fourth Quarter 2008 Results Filing Delayed


11-14-2008   Caledonia Mining Announces Third Quarter 2008 Results

11-07-2008   Caledonia Re-files Certificates

10-31-2008   Caledonia Announces Board Changes

10-23-2008   Caledonia Update on Operations

10-02-2008   Caledonia Awarded Mining Licences for Nama Cobalt Project

08-14-2008   Caledonia Mining 2008 Second Quarter and Half Year Results

08-12-2008   Caledonia’s Q2 2008 Results Conference Call

07-29-2008   Caledonia announces Board and Management appointments

06-30-2008   Caledonia and Mitsubishi Corporation Sign Agreement on the Rooipoort & Mapochsgronde Platinum Projects in South Africa

06-02-2008   Caledonia concludes the sale of the Barbrook

05-15-2008   Caledonia Mining Announces it’s First Quarter 2008 Results

05-06-2008   Caledonia Announces NI 43-101 Resource for Anomaly "D" and provides Management Comments on the Nama Cobalt Project in Zambia

04-23-2008   Caledonia grants an extension for the fulfilment of a suspensive condition of the Barbrook Sale Agreement

04-14-2008   Caledonia Announces the Adoption of a Shareholder Rights Plan

04-07-2008   Caledonia Signs Formal Agreements for Sale of Barbrook and Eersteling Mines

03-31-2008   Caledonia Mining announces its Fourth Quarter and 2007 Annual Results

03-28-2008   Caledonia announces the appointment of a new Director

03-26-2008   Caledonia’s 2007 Annual Results Conference Call

03-25-2008   Caledonia announces the signing of a fourth Cobalt Sales Agreement

03-11-2008   Caledonia announces the signing of two further Cobalt Sales Agreements

03-04-2008   Caledonia Mining Accepts Offer of C$3.81 million for Eersteling Gold Mine

02-25-2008   Caledonia Mining Corporation Accepts Offer of R70 million for Barbrook Gold Mine

02-15-2008   Caledonia Appoints Dr Trevor Pearton as Vice-President, Exploration and completes a $1,230,000 private placement

01-31-2008   Caledonia Mining Signs Marketing Agreement with MRI Trading AG

01-29-2008   Caledonia Mining Announces Cobalt Off-take Agreement with Large Chinese Refiner

01-02-2008   Resignation of Roland Fasel as Caledonia Director


12-04-2007   Caledonia Mining Appoints New Nominated Adviser

11-15-2007   Caledonia Mining Announces its Third Quarter 2007 Results

08-20-2007   Information required by AIM Rule 26 is available on the Caledonia Mining website.

08-15-2007   Caledonia Mining Announces its Second Quarter 2007 Results

08-14-2007   Caledonia’s Blanket Mine resumes underground operations after shaft expansion is comissioned

07-31-2007   Caledonia extends 17,000,000 warrants

05-17-2007   Amended Proxy and Information Circular

05-14-2007   Caledonia Mining Announces its First Quarter 2007 Results

05-10-2007   Proxy and Information Circular

05-08-2007   Caledonia Announces the Phase 3 Drilling Program at the Nama Cobalt Project in Zambia and the Filing of a further NI 43-101 Technical Report

04-25-2007   Caledonia’s Blanket Mine Continues Uninterrupted Production and Expansion

04-16-2007   Caledonia Announces Additional Resource at Nama Cobalt Project in Zambia

04-02-2007   Caledonia Mining Announces its Fourth Quarter and 2006 Annual Results

03-19-2007   Caledonia Announces NI 43-101 Report on the Nama Project in Zambia

02-21-2007   Caledonia Does Amended Sedar Filings

01-29-2007   Caledonia’s New Director Liverant

01-18-2007   Caledonia Appoints Additional Independant Director

01-17-2007   Caledonia Mining Copropation - Update January 2007


11-14-2006   Caledonia Mining 3rd Quarter Results 2006

11-10-2006   Barbrook placed on Temporary Care & Maintenance

08-04-2006   Caledonia Mining 2nd Quarter Interim Results 2006

08-04-2006   Caledonia Announces Release Date of 2nd Quarter Results & Conference Call and Completes Private Placement

07-06-2006   Caledonia Completes Private Placement and Confirms Blanket Transaction now Closed

06-20-2006   Caledonia Mining Purchases Blanket Mine

05-16-2006   Caledonia Mining 1st Quarter Results 2006

03-31-2006   Caledonia Mining Fourth Quarter and 2005 Annual Results and Appoints Chief Financial Officer

03-30-2006   Caledonia Mining 2005 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results.  Conference Call & WebCast on April 4, 2006 at 10.30am (EST)

03-13-2006   Caledonia Acquires Additional Properties Adjoining its Rooipoort (PGE/Au/Ni/Cu) Project, South Africa, virtually doubling the Rooipoort Project area.

02-15-2006   Caledonia Makes Block Listing Arrangement on AIM

02-10-2006   Caledonia Completes Private Placement

01-23-2006   Caledonia Commissions Plant Expansion at Barbrook Gold Mine


12-21-2005   CALEDONIA Announces An Initial Resource Estimate for the ROOIPOORT PGE/Au/Ni/Cu Project, South Africa.

11-18-2005   2005 Drilling Program Completed on Caledonia’s Mulonga Plain Joint Venture

11-14-2005   Caledonia Mining 3rd Quarter Results 2005

10-13-2005   Available online: Webcast of presentation to the Minesite Forum

10-11-2005   London: Presentation to the Minesite Forum

09-14-2005   Caledonia amends terms of share purchase warrants

09-13-2005   Caledonia and Motapa announce 11 drill targets at Mulonga Plain Kashiji Plain analytical results confirm possible local source

08-15-2005   Caledonia Mining signs a Memorandum of Understanding with a South African Black Economic Empowerment Consortium

08-12-2005   Caledonia Mining Second Quarter Results 2005

08-11-2005   Caledonia Mining Second Quarter Results Conference Call and Webcast

07-18-2005  Caledonia announces Summer Drilling Program on Kikerk Lake Property, Nunavut

06-22-2005  Caledonia Mining Corporation announces Admission to the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and £1.57 million placing

06-13-2005  Caledonia Mining signs a Letter of Intent with a Cobalt Refinery to supply 3% of total annual world production

05-16-2005  Caledonia Mining 1st Quarter Results 2005

05-06-2005  Caledonia Annual Meeting set for Tuesday May 10th 2005

05-05-2005  Caledonia Mining Granted Prospecting Right for Grasvally and Will Commence the Drilling Program by Mid May 2005

03-29-2005  Caledonia Mining 4th Quarter and 2004 Annual Results

03-23-2005  Caledonia Mining Fourth Quarter and Annual results Conference call & webcast

03-08-2005  Mulonga Plain JV Exploration Work Program Update

02-23-2005  Caledonia Mining Appoints New Chairman

01-31-2005 Caledonia updates diamond exploration results at Mulonga Plain joint venture in Zambia.


11-15-2004 Third Quarter 2004 Financial Results and General Update Announces Telephone Conference Call on November 22nd 2004

08-20-2004 Appointment of Roland Fasel to the Caledonia Board of Directors as an Additional Independent Director

08-13-2004 Second Quarter 2004 Financial Results and General Update

07-05-2004 Appointment of Chief Financial Officer, Results of Annual Meeting of Shareholders

04-19-2004 2003 Financial Results, Quarter 1 2004 Results and General Update

01-21-2004 Caledonia updates recent activities

02-26-2004 Caledonia updates its Gold, Platinum, Cobalt & Diamond activities


11-26-2003  Caledonia announces Third Quarter results

11-19-2003  Caledonia strengthens management team, installs additional circuit at Barbrook and outlines Platinum exploration prorgam.

08-28-2003 Caledonia completes private placement, announces second quarter results, and launches it’s redesigned website

06-06-2003 Restatement of US GAAP reconciliation in the 2002 financial results

05-16-2003  2002 Financial Results and General Update

03-20-2003  Caledonia Declines Acquisition of Mogale Gold And Updates Its South African Activities

03-07-2003  2003 Kikerk Lake Program Approved

03-03-2003  Caledonia Extends Mogale Gold Mou and Monthly Production Increases Under Caledonia Management

02-26-2003  CALEDONIA featured on MacReport.Net

02-04-2003  Caledonia Signs Mou To Acquire Mogale Gold, Completes A Financing And Updates Activities At Barbrook


11-11-2002  2002 Third Quarter Report

11-08-2002  Stellaria Kimberlite Returns More Diamonds

09-16-2002  Potentilla Kimberlite Returns Commercial-Sized Diamonds

09-04-2002  Caledonia Mining Corporation President and CEO Addresses The Richmond Club Broker Luncheon Event

08-28-2002  Caledonia Mining Second Quarter Results 2002

07-17-2002  Stellaria Kimberlite Confirmed Diamondiferous

07-09-2002  Barbrook Mine Update

05-21-2002  Mini-Bulk Sample Completed And New Kimberlite Discovered On Kikerk Lake Property, Nunavut

04-02-2002  Update On Caledonia’s Recent Activities

03-26-2002  Kikerk Lake Property - Winter Program Underway

02-05-2002  Update On Caledonia’s Diamond, Gold And Platinum Properties


10-24-2001  Kimberlite Sample Yields Significant Diamond Results

09-07-2001  Kimberlite Discovered On Kikerk Lake Property

08-29-2001  Financing Completed and 2nd Quarter Results

07-18-2001  Caledonia Acquires The Strategic Konkola West Prospecting Licence In Zambia[See Map as well]

07-05-2001  Caledonia Mining Corporation Announces the J.V. with Ashton is to Drill the Kikerk Lake Diamond Property

06-12-2001  Caledonia [CAL-TSE; CALVF-Nasdaq] signs option to aquire an interest in platinum and diamond properties

06-06-2001  Caledonia [CAL-TSE; CALVF-Nasdaq] commissions metallurgical test

06-05-2001  Financial goals achieved by Caledonia [CAL-TSE; CALVF-Nasdaq]

04-19-2001  Caledonia announces financing and the cancellation of the Spring Hills Agreements

03-27-2001  News Release Caledonia Mining Corporation March 27, 2001