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Caledonia paid its initial dividend in February 2012 of 6 Canadian cents. On April 4, 2013 Caledonia announced an annual dividend in respect of the year to December 31, 2012 also of 6 Canadian cents. On November 25, 2013 Caledonia announced that in 2014 it intended to pay an annual aggregate dividend of 6 Canadian cents per common share, payable on a quarterly basis. The first quarterly dividend of 1.5 Canadian cents per common share was paid at the end of January 2014 and further quarterly dividends were subsequently paid at the end of April, July, October in each year. In December 2015, Caledonia announced that with effect from the results for the year to December 31, 2015 (which were released at the end of March 2016), it would report its financial results in United States Dollars, instead of Canadian Dollars. Accordingly all dividends would also be declared in United States Dollars. In January 2016, Caledonia announced that the dividend payable at the end of January 2016 would be 1.125 US cents and the quarterly dividend policy was subsequently increased In Q3 of 2016 from 1.125 US cents per share to 1.375 US cents per share, an increase of 22%. In conjunction with the overall 1 for 5 share consolidation which became effective on June 26, 2017, Caledonia announced on July 4, 2017 that it had made a commensurate adjustment to the dividend by increasing it fivefold. The Caledonia board will continue to review dividends which will depend on the performance of the company and its capital investment requirements.

Caledonia advises shareholders that following the re-domicile of the company from Canada to Jersey, Channel Islands with effect from 19 March 2016, dividends paid after this date will no longer be designated "Eligible Dividends" for Canadian income tax purposes.

Shareholders and depositary interest holders in Canada and the UK are paid dividends in Canadian Dollars and Sterling respectively.  The Canadian Dollar and Sterling dividend payments are calculated using the relevant Bank of Canada exchange rates on the record date. The following table shows the applied exchange rates and the amounts to be paid per security in each of the currencies for quarterly dividends declared since the beginning of 2018:



payment date

USD amount


exchange rate

CAD amount


exchange rate

GBP amount

26 January 2018






27 April 2018






27 July 2018






26 October 2018

0.06875000 1.3031 0.08958813 1.3167 0.05221387

25 January 2019

0.06875000 1.3259 0.09115563 1.2830 0.05358535
26 April 2019 0.06875000 1.3329 0.09163688 1.3096 0.05249695